What Shirley's clients are saying !

What Shirley's clients are saying !

Hi, my name is Bonnie and I just wanted to tell you my story,  I will try to keep it short, but it is one worth reading.  Jim and I have been coming to Bethany Beach for the last three years in the spring and fall.  We would get motels to sleep and drive around all weekend long looking for 'for sale' properties, we would grab the pamphlets and those that didn't have any, we called realtor's.  We did have a few very bad experiences with relator's.  We live 4 hours away and with one experience,  we had to come the night before, pay for a motel to be on time in the morning for viewings.  However, the Realtor was 2 hours late and he got lost several times that day.  This year, I am pleased to say, the first pamphlet we got was for Shirley Price.  It was late on a Saturday night and Shirley answered her cell phone and made an appointment with us for Sunday morning right after Church.  She knew everything about every property she took us to and was extremely patient with every stop.  She had keys and pass codes for properties that were with other realtors as well . We did end up purchasing what we call our get- a- way at the beach, and we both thank Shirley for the best experience ever.  She made everything painless! from changing utilities to getting the proper tests and surveys.  She worked with the owners on issues and looked out for us knowing what our limits were.  She has a 'shirleys list' book which lists anyone and anything you may need being new to the area.  We have used this and have Mike Jones doing some work that we are extremely happy with.  Jim and I  highly recommend Shirley Price to anyone who is looking for a property and wants it to be a good experience.  Thank you Shirley!!


We purchased a fixer-upper and she treated us like we were buying a mansion! She was extremely knowledgeable and completely helpful. She even gave us a a booklet of services and contractors with phone numbers. Everyone we have called has been very responsive. I recommend her to anyone wanting to buy in Delaware. She was the best realtor ever!! 


Shirley did an excellent job negotiating the settlement of my house while I was in Florida. I highly recommend her for any listing you are considering .


     Mrs. Shirley Price helped me prepare and sell my house in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  From the start, she was a blessing to work with!  Whenever I called her she was always available, never put off for a later time.  Her suggestions to make the house more saleable were timely and correct.  Since I live in another State, there were many little errands to be done.  She offered and did many of them willingly and pleasantly.  She provided me with a compilation of workforce people I might need in every area.  People like cleaners, painters, repairmen, landscapers, etc. were good sources and available through her.  She always kept me posted as to how things were going.


     Shirley was someone I came to completely trust.  She was honest, sincere, diligent, knowledgeable and timely.  Her personality is calm, thoughtful and positive.  I will use her again when the opportunity comes.  I highly recommend her as the best realtor you can get!  

***************************************************************    Thank you so much for helping us sell our home in Georgetown.  We  really appreciate all the hard work you did.  It turned out to be more than we all had expected at every turn. But you got it done, so thank you again.

The owners are very happy and that makes us very happy.  That means more than the money.  We all went through so much together that we now think of you and them as part of our family.  Hope the feeling is mutual.  I think so.  


I recently  sold my beach property in Bethany Beach and used Shirley Price as my agent. She was extremely helpful and very professional in a successful sale. In particular, she took care of many issues that I was unable to do because I was out of town with a broken arm. I really depended on her to do many details and she completed the job to my satisfaction. Thank you. Shirley!

Ellen 12.28.16



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