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Shirley Price

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Taking on a Bathroom Remodel? Consider These Top Trends

by Shirley Price 01/07/2022

Photo byato de from Pexels

For decades, the bathroom remodel has been one of the most worthwhile investments for homeowners. When you decide to renovate your bathroom, you not only get a space that you love, but you also add significant value to your home.

If you are looking to take on a bathroom remodel in 2021, these are the trends that you will want to consider when making your plans:

Smart, Touchless Features

Here are a few tech-savvy features that you may want to include in your renovated bathroom:

  • Smart toilets with automatic flushing features and automatic lid lifters.
  • Touchless sinks that automatically turn on and off.
  • Touchless soap dispensers that automatically distribute soap.
  • Automatic shower starters that allow homeowners to program their shower start times and preferred water temperature.

Soaking Tubs

As more people have spent additional time at home, they have craved a spa-like retreat within the confines of their own house. As a result, large soaking tubs have become one of the most popular bathroom features. Not only do these tubs have a beautiful modern design but they also allow people to enjoy relaxing baths after a long and stressful day. Some people are opting to order their soaking tubs in a bright accent color such as canary yellow or turquoise green. This is one innovative way to transform the tub into the focal point of the bathroom rather than allowing it to simply be a necessary and functional feature.

Large Wood Tiles

Throughout the house, wood floors add a contemporary look and a natural element to any home. Unfortunately, while wood floors are both beautiful and sturdy they are not ideal for bathrooms. However, modern technology and design initiatives have allowed people to bring the look of wood floors right into their wet, steamy bathrooms. Large tiles with a wood grain appearance are now available in almost every shade and finish, allowing people to have the functionality and durability of bathroom tiles while still giving the appearance of beautiful wood floors. Not only do these wood tiles look great on the flooring, but they also can be used as a backsplash around a tub for a unique touch.

Floating Vanities

A few decades ago, almost all bathroom vanities were installed at the floor level. In fact, some homeowners removed old and outdated vanities only to find that there was not any tile or flooring underneath them. Then, pedestal-style vanities were all the rage. Today, however, homeowners will find that the up-and-coming trend is floating vanities. These vanities are installed on the wall and they give an open, airy appearance to any modern bathroom. Floating vanities also are known for their small compartments and functional storage solutions, making them the ideal option for busy households that have plenty of things to store in the bathroom.

Creating a modern bathroom with high-tech touches and a relaxing atmosphere will allow you to enjoy your home like never before. In addition, it will give you the competitive advantage should you decide to list your home for sale.